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Busting the Hump: BEEDOGS!

Posted by robothand on August 9, 2006

Welcome to the special BEEDOGS edition of Busting the Hump. It’s essentially the same as every other edition, except it includes a link to a site about BEEDOGS.

  • BEEDOGS. Dogs + Bees = BEEDOGS. Get it? Got it? Good.
    • is the premier online repository for pictures of dogs in bee costumes.
  • Not a funny-type article per-se, but here are the fifty top-selling handheld video games.
    • Disney Princess: This just in – videogames are fun, and little girls want to play them too. Okay, maybe the ones we give them aren’t that much fun. Maybe they’re vapid licensed platform games, the same kind we give our little boys when they’re too into an intellectual property to know what they actually want. It’s not like there are lot of options for young females, so maybe that justifies the sales of this game.
  • Have you overheard something in New York? You should take it to Overheard in New York. Wednesday One-Liners blah blah.
    • Guy: I’m pretty sure my cat has Down’s syndrome…You can read about it on my MySpace blog.
  • Theme park rides based on movies? Move over, E.T., because Cracked is giving you some competition!
    • Deliverance River Rafting Adventure – Join “Inbred Banjo Boy” as he leads you into uncharted territories of the Cahulawassee River! Learn to unleash your survival instincts as you plunge yourself into unstable waters in a canoe, battle nature’s harshest weather and slaughter deer with your bare hands! Beware of the local folks, though! (We advise that you bring with yourself a poncho, survival kits and hunting rifles, and be sure to tape up your virgin, virgin ass.)
  • doesn’t have any new sick animations, but they do have this sick comic.
  • Christopher Walken is expanding his horizons and looking for other jobs, and Cracked has it firsthand.
    • Fireman: “Why are you crying, children? Do you fear the fire? No, I’m not familiar with the term. I mean I get it. I’m a man who fights fire, so therefore I’m a fireman. That is a place where there is fire. Making it a fireplace. You have still yet to explain to me why my fire axe is not required.”
  • Darth Vader is a smartass over at Binary Bonsai.
  • Scary Crayon reviews the seminal hit film “Hip Hop Locos.”
    • I mainly expected to see exaggerated parodies of rappers executing cocaine dealers while yelling out terrible yet thoroughly amusing rap lyrics along the lines of “YO YO YO I PUT DIS GUN TO HIS HEAD, PULL DA TRIGGER LIKE SO, AND KERPLOWIE HE DEAD” — but I’ve been surprised by the depth of low budget offerings before.

That’s all. Except for BEEDOGS.


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